Message from the Chair of SIDE 2016 – Rob Wilson

We are extremely proud to be hosting SIDE 2016, it is shaping up as yet another fantastic event.

We are just concluding a couple of the most challenging seasons the dairy industry has experienced for some time, so we are all looking hard at our businesses and thinking how to best configure them to cope with this milk price volatility.

The theme for SIDE 2016 is ‘Bounce Forward’. This means taking what opportunity we can through these times to ensure our farming operations come out of this downturn in better shape to handle future volatility.

As you have read from Heidi Williams, at SIDE 2016 we have a very diverse range of speakers covering a wide range of topics to challenge and upskill all of us to not only to survive in these challenging times but to give us the knowledge and confidence to take advantage of the opportunities that lay ahead within the dairy industry.

SIDE is the ideal opportunity to allow you to learn tips, tools and strategies to deal with the low milk price, and probably more importantly, to talk to other farmers and get the inspiration, motivation and social connection that comes with getting off farm and interacting with other farmers.

It’s great to be back in Southland. I urge you to attend and fully immerse yourselves into SIDE 2016. I have yet to meet a farmer who regretted attending, and firmly believe SIDE provides even more value in a tough year.

Rob Wilson
Chair of SIDE 2016