Message from the Chair of SIDE 2015 – Rob Wilson

Rob Wilson - Chair of SIDE 2015We are extremely proud, as an organisation, to be hosting “UPSIDE 2015” it is shaping up as yet another fantastic event.

As we have just concluded one of the most challenging seasons in recent memory in the dairy industry and are looking forward with a degree of uncertainty and apprehension “UPSIDE” is what we need and “UPSIDE” is what we will deliver.

As you have read from Steve Booker, at UPSIDE 2015 we have a very diverse range of speakers covering a wide range of topics to challenge and upskill all of us to not only to survive in these challenging times but to give us the knowledge and confidence to take advantage of the opportunities that lay ahead within the dairy industry.

It’s great to be back in Canterbury the “Food Bowl of New Zealand” and at its centre of learning and development, Lincoln University. I congratulate you all for your attendance and urge you all too fully immerse yourselves into SIDE 2015, to continue your success and the success of dairying in the South Island.