Techniv8 – a taste of what’s to come

Techniv8 – a taste of what’s to come

Technology without purpose is just a gadget, but with practical innovation it can become an integral part of our lives, says DairyNZ’s Mark Olsen-Vetland.

He’s talking about the inaugural Techniv8 exhibition part of the 2018 South Island Dairy Event (SIDE).

A curated exploration of new technology, innovation and thought which links into conference theme, “It starts with us”, with a focus on expanding and challenging current thinking, Techniv8 has been introduced to highlight technology and innovation for delegates at the conference.

It features invited exhibits which showcase current and potential innovative technology that can have an impact in everyday life and business, both now and into the future. Exhibits include virtual and augmented reality, additive manufacturing, gene editing, quantum computing, sustainability, autonomous technology, blockchain and distributed ledgers and human productivity.

SIDE committee member and Techniv8 organiser Aaron Wilson says Techniv8 is a glimpse beyond the farm gate at the future. “I’m really excited to check out Otago University’s virtual reality set up. They will have interactive displays of cutting-edge virtual reality research for delegates to experience.”

Interaction with the exhibits will rely on a QR app that delegates can download at the conference, and which will allow them to continue exploring Techniv8 after SIDE closes.

“Kiwi ingenuity has been the backbone of New Zealand’s agriculture success,” says Mark, “and this innovative ability will be just as relevant to meet future challenges. Techniv8 will give a glimpse into technology that is being developed and used right here in Dunedin and the lower South Island, and challenge delegates on how that can be used to make work and life easier and safer.”

Designed to challenge thinking and start conversations around integrating and developing solutions both on farm and with exhibitors to solve the challenges of the future, delegates can explore near future trends that will change not only how we farm, but how we live globally.

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